Collection: Les Vogt

Les Vogt is a 15-time world champion horseman who has been honored in the NRCHA hall of fame three times.  He is known as "The Trainer's Trainer", sharing his knowledge by giving clinics worldwide.   

The Turbo Collection is a Satin-finished tempered steel shanks and pinchless sweet iron mouthpieces.  Calculated shanks and the pre-signal gag design keeps horses responsive. 

The Roper Collection is designed to increase performance in the arena, on the ranch, or on the trail with precision design combinations. 

The Cowhorse Collection includes NRCHA approved bits with sweet iron mouth with copper inlay  Satin brushed iron shanks with beautiful hand engraved German silver overlay. 

"Over the past 50 years, I have learned how to calculate effective leverage ratios and combine them with creative mouthpieces to maximize each horse's performance." 

                                                                                           -Les Vogt

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