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Introducing the Zone Saddle Pad Series by Classic Equine, Powered by Zoombang.

  • Absorbs 80% of impact forces.
  • Soft conformal protection allows body movement and support.
  • Padding that stiffens the harder it its hit.
  • Unprecedented, lightweight protection.
  • Trusted by hundreds of professional athletes.
  • Science based and significantly tested.
  • Engineered to manage, dissipate, and transfer energy.
  • Helps reduce injury and stress.
  • Specially formulated for equine athletes.
  • Non-toxic
  • Will not wear out, dry out, freeze, or melt.

Innovative Impact Products L.L.C. developed Zoombang to protect against forces formerly impossible to guard against with traditional materials. Zoombang is a lightweight polymer material. It is soft, comfortable, and supportive at rest. But on impact, the material instantly changes to behave as an elastic solid, dissipating and transferring energy from blunt force trauma, shock, vibration, and outside g-forces. Zoombang provides unprecedented protection. It literally manages energy by dissipating and transferring it away from the body. Zoombang works to reduce injury and dramatically improve comfort for applications where protection is critical.

Zoombang is widely used for its protection against injury in contact sports, medical applications, and hazardous work environments. Zoombang protective gear is used by every team in the NFL. The HNL, MLB, NASCAR, and other high profile venues have found favor with the product for its ability to protect their elite athletes.
For the past months, Innovative Impact Products L.L.C. has worked closely with Cowboy Armour and Classic Equine to develop a material specially designed for applications used to protect equine athletes and keep them in the game.
Hard, stiff materials such as PVC offer a reasonably degree of protection from impact, but they do not conform to the user and they are certainly not comfortable. Gels, open cell, and closed cell EVA foams provide comfort, but offer little protection against blunt force trauma. Zoombang performs as a viscous fluid material at rest where it flows and conforms to the anatomy providing comfort, cushioning, and support. However, the visco-elastic material instantly reacts to sudden sheer forces like shock. Upon impact, it changes to an elastic solid, dissipating energy and reacting directly in proportion to the amount of energy applied. Once the energy dissipates, the material instantly transforms back to its soft, semi-solid state.

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