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Rickey Green Horse Bits
Classic Equine

Classic Equine proudly introduces the Rickey Green Signature bit line. Rickey's credentials in the world of team roping are astounding. He is an 11-time PRCA NFR qualifier and NFR Champion. for the past 25 years, Rickey has coached thousands of ropers at clinics all across the US and Canada. Throughout his career, Rickey has trained 7 horses that have been ridden at the NFR, including 3 PRCA World Championships, 4 NFR Championships, 2 BFI Championships, and the USTRC Open Championship.

Rickey's line of bits were designed for training, practice or competition and feature a loose-cheek shank to encourage lateral flexion and will allow the rider to control the horse's nose. Rickey recommends using a firm leather curb strap or flat chain with all bits in this series to allow the horse to feel and work off of the bit rather than react to the feel and pressure of a biting curb.

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