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Sherry Cervi Signature Collection Bits

Success in barrel racing demands precision performance.
Having the right equipment and knowing how to use it is essential to consistent, fast, controlled runs. Horse equipment is a tool that can only be effective when used properly. My experiences in training and competition have led me to develop a line of equipment that has given me an edge in the arena.

I have teamed up with Classic Equine to offer the "Sherry Cervi Signature Collection" of bits. From a shorter shank for a softer touch to a longer shank for more control, each bit in my collection is perfectly weighted to allow for a quick pickup and release while addressing each specific stage of training.

These are my tricks of the trade. Each product has a track proven record for success in training as well as competition.

The nice weight of these bits allows for quick pickup and release. Five mouthpieces are offered in each shank style, all in stainless steel and ranking in this order: Twisted Wire Dogbone, O Ring Square Snaffle, Twisted Wire Snaffle, Square Snaffle, Small Twisted Wire Snaffle, with the small twisted wire snaffle offering the most control. All come with bit guards.

My new snaffles have weighted Dee rings with a light stainless steel mouthpiece that glides effortlessly.

--Sherry Cervi

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