Rambo Optimo Turnout

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Rambo Optimo

The Perfect Horse Blanket

Looking for the perfect blanket for your horse?

What happens to the fit of your blanket when your horse lowers his/her head to graze?

Does it get really tight in the shoulder area when your horse bends his neck to look around?

Does his/her rear stick out of the back of the blanket?

Does it look like he/she is going to get chocked due to the tension that it puts on the underside of his/her neck?

The above scenerio's are all issues that the majority of people deal with every winter with their horse blankets. However, all of these issues have been resolved in one blanket and you don't have to deal with them anymore!

Only Horseware could find a way to add even more innovative design to their industry leading Rambo Turnout Blankets! The new Rambo Optimo features provide greater freedom and comfort for your horse and more convenience for you.

This blanket comes with a detachable 400g Optimo Liner, 0g Outer shell, and a 150g hood. But what if you need a different weight along with the 400g liner due to a wild swing in temperatures in your area? This blanket has that covered as well! You can purchase additional liners for this blanket in 100g, 200g, 300g, and 400g which will allow you to turn this blanket into a lightweight, medium weight, heavy weight, or really heavy weight blanket a simple liner that you attach to the blanket. If you would never need the really heavy weight blanket liner (400g) but still like the design be sure to check out the Optimo Outer Only which just has the 0g outer and 0g hood and then if needed you could add one of the lighter weight liners to it to suite your horse's needs.

Why 2 Blankets as 1?

As humans we wear one type of garment on the upper bady and another for the lower body. This allows us to move freely. The horse's body is somewhat the same. His front and back are constructed differently and move differently. The only way to resolve the majority of fitting problems is to have two different garments combined as one. This is exactly what the Optimo does!

The Position of the split.

The Rambo Split originates at a crucial point of the horse's anatomy, the 6th vertebrae at the base of the neck. This allows the front and back of the blanket to move independently. The front of the blanket is free to pivot, extend, turn and float with the shoulder while the back of the blanket will sit firmly in position. So when your horse stretches out and runs to burn some energy, lays down and rolls, or just turns his head around to look at you the split design starts to take action. It allows your horse the freedom of movement and does not constrict his/her movements or does not become tight.

Video Links

Click here for a video showing the blanket on a horse and an explanation.

Click here for a video explaining a little more about the Rambo Optimo Horse Blanket


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