Rambo Protector Flysheet

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  • Unique, patented, self-repairing fabric - Durable and breathable - made to last.
  • Polyester shoulder, mane and tail lining - Shine enhancing and prevents rubbing.
  • New Hood Shape - Close contact hood with an improved fit and extended chest coverage. Offering maximum protection against flies and insects.
  • Extra Depth to Knee - To give better protection.
  • V-Front Closure - Allows your horse to graze comfortably. Removes pressure and prevents rubbing of the shoulder.
  • Leg arches - For freedom of movement.
  • Extended belly flap - To wrap under for maximum coverage.
  • Three straight surcingles - For secure fit.
  • Tail Strap - Keeps your blanket in place. Eliminates the need for leg straps.
  • Supersized tail-flap with silky lining - Prevents rubbing and gives your horse maximum coverage and UV protection.
  • Strong with a Soft Touch - The Rambo® Protector is hard on insects yet the patented fabric is designed to be gentle and comfortable for your horse. Made with two types of yarn - multi-filament and mono-filament - the mesh fabric is locked in place and is extremely durable. It moves freely with the horse, yet keeps its shape.
  • Liner Compatible
  • 65% UV protection

Thanks to Horseware® you need look no further as the Protector provides the solution for the ideal flysheet. The unique patented Protector fabric is so strong that your horse will be able to itch, scratch and roll and without you being worried that you may find him later with a rug in several pieces.

It is also extremely absorbent and will wick moisture away from your horse to keep him cool and dry and as the fabric is UV reflecting you can protect your horses' skin not only against annoying insects but also from the suns harmful rays.

The design incorporates Horseware's innovative SureFit Neck Design, patented 'V' front closure system to lift pressure off the shoulder and unique patented Leg Arches and 3rd Surcingle allow the extra depth of the Protector to be wrapped completely under the belly for increased coverage without the rug gathering behind the elbow for extra freedom of movement when in the field.

The neck cover on the Protector is fully removable and easily but securely attached with simple Velcro straps and the extra large tail flap can be secured around the tail to prevent it from blowing up in the wind and so will protect your horses' sensitive areas.

Finally silky lined shoulders and a mane liner complete the comfort aspect for your horse by preventing rubbing and allow the tough Protector to fend off those annoying bugs whilst your horse comfortably grazes and enjoys the sunshine!


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