Rambo Quarter Horse Heavy 370g Waterproof Turnout Blanket

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The manufacturer of this blanket has replaced it with the Amigo Stock Turnout Blanket.
This specific blanket is discontinued and no longer available.

Fully waterproof and breathable turnout winter blanket. Available in light (no fill), Medium (200g), or Heavy (370g).

Waterproof Blanket - Doesn't allow water to get in, BUT lets 2 gallons of sweat escape in a day!!


Rambo Quarter Horse Waterproof Turnouts are fully Waterproof and Breathable thanks to a revolutionary coating technology called AquaTrans. AquaTrans coating technology uses a hydrophilic (water loving) polymer that is directly coated on the material. This polymer absorbs sweat molecules from inside the blanket and the heat generated by the horse drives them to the outside. However, the outer shell remains hydrophobic and will not allow water to get in.

The same material from which Bullet-Proof Vests are constructed!!!!


We are not saying that the ballistic nylon will protect your horse from a bullet, but it is by far the strongest material that blankets are made of. The majority of blankets are made of polyester which is an inexpensive material that is easily torn to shreds. Ballistic nylon is 100% stronger than polyester, so you can expect to have your Rambo Quarter Horse Waterproof blanket for many years no matter how tough your horse is on blankets.

All Fiber Fill is Not Created Equal!



You may think that all blankets are filled with the same type of fiber fill, but that is not the case. Another bonus of owning a Rambo Quarter Horse blanket is that they are filled with Thermo-bonded fiber fill. When your horse lays down, the fiber fill will get flattened, but when he gets up the thermo-bonded fiber will regain its original structure and thickness. This is important as it is the loft of the fiber that determines how warm your horses' blanket is, not just the weight. This is because it is the air that circulates around the horse that keeps him warm, so the thinner the fiber the less air can circulate between the horse and the outer layer of his blanket.

A Feature that Gives Your Horse All the Extras! Extra Belly Coverage, Extra Movement, & Extra Comfort.


Exclusive to Rambo blankets,the leg arch and three surcingle design allows the extra depth of the blanket to contour to the horse's shape, providing extra coverage under his belly. This design also gives the horse greater freedom of movement. The leg arches prevent the fabric from gathering around the horse's leg as he moves. Make sure you criss-cross the front and back surcingles and hook the center surcingle straight across.

Silky Nylon - Smoothes and Polishes the Coat.


We know how important the shine of a healthy coat is to you. This is why all of our blankets have a silky nylon lining that helps polish the horse's coat as he moves. You will find that this lining will actually save you many hours of grooming, so you can spend more time riding.

Easy On, Easy Off!


For years, full hoods have been the only option for full body coverage. Now you have an option. We believe that full hoods take a considerable amount of time to put on and can be quite dangerous if they slip and obstruct the horse's vision. Our removable neck cover is the best alternative to a full hood. When you want full body protection, just leave the neck cover attached to the blanket and fasten it under the neck with two pieces of velcro. If you do not need full coverage, the neck cover is easily removed with four pieces of velcro at the neck. Keep in mind that horses lose most of their heat through their neck and not their face, so you really only need to keep their neck covered.

It takes TOO Long for a Tail to Grow to have it Rubbed Out.


We all know how long it takes to grow a long and full tail. We also know how quickly a beautiful tail can be ruined by a horse that insists on rubbing his tail against the fence or the walls in their stall. Our blankets have tail flaps that protect that beautiful tail even when a horse wants to rub it right out.

No Matter How Hard They Play, These Blankets are Designed to Stay!


We have spent years developing a design to specifically fit the quarter horse body type. With our 20 years of blanket experience and the help of some of the top western horsemen, we have developed a design that fits perfectly and won't slip or turn. No matter if your horse is kicking up his heels in the pasture or laying down to roll, you will find this blanket rights itself and stays on straight. This design also eliminates the need for troublesome leg straps, fleece lining at the withers, cut back necks and shoulder gussets. You don't need any of that if you have a blanket that fits correctly to begin with.


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