Tool Box 6 Cheek Series bits - Smooth Snaffle

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6" Cheek Series
The 6" cheek has a 2-1/2" purchase and a 3-1/2" shank. This ratio (the difference in the length of the purchase and shank) and the swept back design of the shank makes this cheek extremely mild. Contact with the horse's mouth comes slowly in the form of soft pressure to all points of contact. The main point of contact is the corners of the mouth , which is a familiar spot fofr young horses transitioning from the O Ring. This bit may also be used with a training fork or martingale for greater control of the poll and nose for collection. The mouthpiece is inlaid with copper to stimulate salivation. The mouthpiece is 5-1/8" wide, 3/8" in diameter, and curved to shape to the corner of the mouth for soft, evenly distributed pressure to the bars, tongue, and corners of the mouth.

6": Smooth Snaffle
The softest of all shank bit styles, this bit is perfect for moving a colt from an O Ring to a shank bit or for light, well-broke older horses. Soft pressure is applied through the curb to the horse's chin, the bars, corners of the mouth, and the tongue.

This exact same bit is also offered in the Performance Series and is cheaper due to it being a plain bit - no design on the shank.


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